Board game

Pak die zak!

Wolfgang Kramer (author), Klemens Franz (illustrator)
Target audience:
6-8 years and up, 9-11 years and up
Eenvoudig kaartspel, waarin alle spelers tegelijkertijd rekenen. Past de omgedraaide kaart in één van de rijen of niet? Zo ja, pak dan zo snel mogelijk de zak om alle kaarten uit die rij te winnen!
Pak die zak!
Wolfgang Kramer
Klemens Franz
Almere: 999 Games, © 2016
1 doos met 60 speelkaarten, 6 doelfiches, 1 zak, spelregels
Voor 2 tot 5 spelers Speelduur: 15 minuten Vermeld op doos: doelgroep 8-99

About Wolfgang Kramer

Wolfgang Kramer (born 29 June 1942 in Stuttgart) is a German board game designer.

Early life

As a young child, Wolfgang Kramer used to play games with his grandmother, and said he developed a positive attitude about games because "she always used to let me win." Although he started buying games in his teens, he found there wasn't much variety, so he started to modify some rules. His friends enjoyed the new rules and suggested he design his own games.

Part-time games designer

While studying commercial science, Kramer started to develop a racing game that didn't use dice for movement. While working as an operations manager and computer scientist, he developed his new movement system into an abstract game called Tempo, and published it in 1974. He later modified this game into a car racing game called Formel Eins (Formula One). While still working ful…Read more on Wikipedia