Muchachas. 2

Katherine Pancol (author)
Muchachas. 2
Katherine Pancol
Paris: Albin Michel, 2014
408 p.
9782226254450 (paperback)

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About Katherine Pancol

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Georges Seguin (Okki)

Katherine Pancol (born 22 October 1954) is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Her books have been translated into some 30 languages, and sold millions of copies worldwide. In the United States, she is known as the author of The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles (Penguin, 2013) and its sequel, The Slow Waltz of Turtles (Penguin, 2016), both translated by William Rodarmor.

Life and career

Katherine Pancol moved from Casablanca to France when she was five. She studied literature and initially became a French and Latin teacher before turning to journalism. While working for Paris-Match and Cosmopolitan, she was noticed by an intuitive publisher who encouraged her to begin writing fiction. Following the success of her first novel Moi D'abord in 1979, Pancol moved to New York City where she spent the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while…Read more on Wikipedia