Een verhaal van vijf ambitieuze quizzers op zoek naar eeuwige roem. Hun plan is om zich te kwalificeren voor de belangrijkste quiz in Vlaanderen, de Superprestige.
Lumière, 2012
4 dvd-video's
Recording date
Playing time
10 x 45 min.
Vlaams gesproken Ondertiteling: Nederlands, Nederlands voor slechthorenden

About Jan Matthys

Jan Matthys (also known as Jan Matthias, Johann Mathyszoon, Jan Mattijs, Jan Matthijszoon; c. 1500, in Haarlem – 5 April 1534, in Münster) was a charismatic Anabaptist leader of the Münster Rebellion, regarded by his followers as a prophet.

Matthys was a baker in Haarlem, in the Holy Roman Empire's County of Holland, and was converted to Anabaptism through the ministry of Melchior Hoffman in the 1520s. Matthys baptized thousands of converts, and after Hoffman's imprisonment, rose to prominent leadership among the Anabaptists. Matthys rejected the pacifism and non-violence theology of Hoffman, adopting a view that oppression must be met with resistance.

In 1534, an Anabaptist insurrection took control of Münster, the capital city of the Holy Roman Empire's Prince-Bishopric of Münster. John of Leiden, a Dutch Anabaptist disciple of Matthys, and a group of local merchants summoned Matthys to come. Matthys identified Münster as the "New …Read more on Wikipedia