About Filip Peeters

Filip Peeters or Philip Peeters (born 2 December 1962) is a Flemish actor. He is well known for his work in the television series Salamander as Paul Gerardi and Zone Stad as Didier Francks. He is one of a few Flemish actors who have been credited internationally.

He initially trained as a chef, however he found a talent in acting and attended the Studio Herman Teirlinck drama school. Since leaving the institute, he has starred in numerous Dutch, Belgian and German television programmes.


  • Unit 13 (1997) - rijkswachter
  • Recht op Recht (1998-2002) - Hugo Van Eyck
  • Iedereen Beroemd! (2000)
  • Team Spirit (film)|Team Spirit (2000)
  • De Stilte van het Naderen (2000)
  • Baby (2002)
  • Resistance (2003)
  • Briefgeheim (film) (2010) - Kolonel Brandsema
  • Team Spirit 2 (2003)Read more on Wikipedia